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About Us

Modelspoint is a modeling platform which was started way back in 1992 by Mr. Raj Israni & Mrs. Anita Israni. The area had a total vacuum as regards to placing talent at the right place. It was rather an impossible task to find decent actors to appear for commercials. Those were the days when there was only a single channel called Doordarshan and here an idea was created and developed to make available the very first agency in India to service the models and actors.

Principle of the agency was founded on a simple one point program. “Bring a portfolio and be a model “ We did not concentrate on a particular segment. We allowed all and sundry to be part of the industry irrespective of their age (one day born till the oldest), caste (Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc), creed (OBC, High cast, Low cast, etc) , colour (Fair, Dark), figure (Fat, Thin, Medium).

Initially, it was a very challenging task to find the correct phases. We went around inviting faces on the streets, in restaurants, theatres, to come and join the industry and realized it was a big taboo because the industry was not exposed as yet.

Few years down the line, Zee channel made an entry. Beauty pageants started showing the true colours. Aishwarya and Sushmita were launched with a big fan fare and here the momentum started for people all over India to flock to the city of Mumbai with aspiration of getting foot hold in the entertainment industry. Israni were the one stop shop. Hundreds of celebrities of today achieved doing their first assignment through our modeling agency which at that stage was popularly known as Israni Communication. Our address was a must visit for every wannabe.

We provided services to the largest and even the smallest of the ad agencies and production houses by servicing their requirements with professionalism and neatly tracked record.

Channels started mushrooming and regional channels also erupted like a volcano and the industry which barely 300 models in 1992 had reached to the heights of maintaining a data of 25000 models and actors.

Technology was also taking its shape. www was started in big way and the Israni also ventured in transforming their activities on net and registered as one of the platforms to provide services to the modeling industry in Mumbai . Initially the site was only data driven to host the faces for almost 9 years i.e. from 2000 to 2009 and looking at the growth in the industry in the demand and supply difficulties, Mr. Raj planned to convert the site into a portal and slowly converted the site to make provisions of online data registration, selection, short listing process, live auditions, showcasing the work of each actor right from their personal data to their respective works in television, ad commercials, print ads and theatres as well.

During 2014-2015, we are planning to make open the facility to go live for models and agencies to utilize the facilities of casting directly online. Raj Israni with his portal dreams to make a way for models to get work directly without going through the coordinating agencies.

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